A pearl ring gives its owner the opportunity to predict the future. perla caribe


"Pearl is always right" - Coco Chanel perla caribe


A pearl talisman lets you look backwards and correct your mistakes. perla caribe


A pearl gets accustomed to its owner very quickly and starts protecting himagainst all offenders.   perla caribe


" Of all the jewelry, I prefer pearls" - King of France Louise XIV   perla caribe


"The pearl is the greatest mystery for me in nature" - Albert Einstein   perla caribe


"A string of pearls is a unique piece of jewelry, that fits all my clothes"- Mata Hari perla caribe


A pearl - the perfect gift for any woman. perla caribe

Our History

     Our company’s history begins in 1921, when the founder’s father, Seiler Solomon (Solomon Zayler) opened a small jewelry shop on the outskirts of Toronto, which specialized in pearls.

     Today the Company, PERLA del CARIBE, is one of the largest vertically integrated companies growing the highest quality pearls and selling them directly to the consumer.

     In all our company’s boutiques around the world, you can buy a variety of jewelry created by our designers, made of pearls grown on PERLA del CARIBE plantations in Japan, that have passed the strict control of our laboratories.


     PERLA del CARIBE is represented in many countries: Canada, the USA, Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, Italy, Japan, Australia and Armenia.  The difference between PERLA del CARIBE and other boutiques selling pearls is that we offer our customers a unique opportunity to choose an oyster and witness the “birth” of the pearl. There is no doubt that such a gem will be the most cherished of all your jewelry. This kind of gift will never be forgotten.


    This approach is reflected in the famous slogan of our company,

“DISCOVER YOUR PERFECT PEARL”, this slogan has now been in use since 1931, which makes it 84 years old.


  • In 2011, PERLA DEL CARIBE Company was awarded a certificate as the best company of 2010 for the promotion of quality pearls and pearl jewelry on the world’s market.
  • In 2013, our pavilion was recognized as the best at the exhibition in Japan.
  • Such appreciation from our colleagues inspires our company, PERLA DEL CARIBE, to work for the benefit and joy of our customers.
  • Welcome to our jewelry boutiques



We are looking forward to seeing you

We are looking forward to helping you find your perfect pearl

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