A pearl ring gives its owner the opportunity to predict the future. perla caribe


"Pearl is always right" - Coco Chanel perla caribe


A pearl talisman lets you look backwards and correct your mistakes. perla caribe


A pearl gets accustomed to its owner very quickly and starts protecting himagainst all offenders.   perla caribe


" Of all the jewelry, I prefer pearls" - King of France Louise XIV   perla caribe


"The pearl is the greatest mystery for me in nature" - Albert Einstein   perla caribe


"A string of pearls is a unique piece of jewelry, that fits all my clothes"- Mata Hari perla caribe


A pearl - the perfect gift for any woman. perla caribe

     It has been suggested that the word “pearl” comes from Latin “pirula” which means grain or seashell.

    The birth of pearls is surrounded with legends. The ancient Greeks believed that pearls were the tears of sea nymphs. The ancient Slavs believed that pearls were frozen lightnings reflected in the eyes of mollusks. The Chinese believed that pearls were petrified moonlight.


     The pearl’s gentle play of colors and mysterious inner brightness have been attracting attention for millennia.

     Its whiteness and iridescent rainbow gleam make it a symbol of purity.

     These properties, as well as spherical or pear shapes, have made pearls famous all over the world.


    Since ancient times, the pearl has been considered one of the most valuable and sought-after treasures. The pearl was an essential attribute for monarchs, and found its place on the dresses of queens and fashion-conscious ladies. It has also found its prominent place on the crowns, rings, beads, earrings, belts, buckles and in the jewelry chests of millions of people.   


     Pearls are mentioned in the Old Testament, the Talmud and the Quran. And even today, when we have discovered many secrets of the pearl’s origin, the living stone still keeps some of its mysteries.


             The pearl is the most enigmatic and splendid stone among all jewels. It is the embodiment of femininity and tenderness. Of all other gems, only pearls are used in jewelry without any further treatment by humans.

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